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Concerned to the Environment and with the purpose of contributing to the sustainable development, Comil participates actively in the growth of its region: all of the industry residues have a legal destination and its water is treated and reused making an economic and responsible cycle.

Among the most important attitudes are the plantation of 4000 native seedlings and the maintenance of reservation areas by preserving the fountains, by avoiding the water infection and by creating artesian wells to supply the miner hydric necessities.

Since the beginning, Comil gives special attention to Cotaxé region.  The company has as policy to contract residents from the community creating gains, development and new perspective to the local people.

Moreover, an important job is done with the production excesses.  The material is reused for the building construction and also in the manufactory of asphalt, making easily the access and approximating places and people. This is a project that contributes to the social and economic development of Espírito Santo countryside.