About Comil

The Founder

Heleno Losumar de Castro is from Aimorés/MG, a city on the banks of Rio Doce, he was born in July 1934, and was a son of a traditional family in town. He had to leave the town and the parents to study in a boarding school at Rio de Janeiro, where he spent most of his childhood.

Heleno Losumar Ferreira de Castro

Around 50’s he went work and study on New Orleans, United States, where stayed about 5 years and had the opportunity to study at Tulane University, a major university that time. Even so, he never abandoned his background and has always been in Aimorés’s life, where his relatives still has home since today.

One of his main characteristics of his personality was politeness and elegance, yet simple, humble, fair with friends, and most of all, bussines straight. He was a man who liked people and a good conversation. Often, went to employees houses to help with advices and kindness.

His passions were aviation and his walker Mangalarga horse, both still worshiped by his relatives. On aviation, a qualified pilot. Had a plane for a long time to make easier the management of his lands at Ecoporanga. Today, the airfield serves Comil.

Since the beginning when he acquired the properties, on Cotaxé, always honored the local community, way before Comil.

Died on March 2007, founded Comil on 1993. The employee, partners, suppliers, customers and community relationship, still are strongly linked to Mr. Losumar personality and his way of doing business.

Get to know Comil

Comil – Cotaxé Mineração is a company of ornamental stones that extracts, processes and commercializes granites. Comil has been acting for 25 years in the national and international markets. The company is owner of the exclusive San Benedict Black Granite®, one of the best black granites in the market, Comil offers four other products: Giallo Latina Granite, Ubatuba Green Granite, Brazil Coffee Granite and Fantasy Black Granite.

It is guaranteed that the product will always be delivered, due to its own quarries and a process industry located in the Northwest of Espírito Santo, one of the main extracted areas in Brazil. The company acts in the improvement of its production processes and it is concerned to the sustainable development, by investing in various projects and actions that aim not only protecting the Environment but also at employee satisfaction.

Comil, among its goals, has the objective of prospecting new quarries and of increasing gradually its product line.  It is in search of excellence in the granite supplying and in bringing more security to the commitment with clients and partners.


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