San Benedict Black® | Redefining the Black Granite | Comil Cotaxé®

San Benedict Black®

Redefining the Black Granite

San Benedict Black®

San Benedict Black® is Comil Cotaxé® exclusivity

Forget everything you believe you know about black granite. Now meet the new definition of Black Granite in the ornamental stone market: San Benedict Black® is the best value for money you will find today.

San Benedict Black® is an absolutely black, more exclusive and closed material than materials such as Preto São Gabriel, and more cost-effective than imported options such as Absolute Black.

Comil Cotaxé® extracts San Benedict Black® from within its own properties, a competitive edge for those looking for reliable and long-lasting partners. This also allows Comil to master the most beautiful black production chain you will find.


Demand the Original

Accept no imitations. Only the original San Benedict Black® from the Comil Cotaxé® has blue crystals when exposed to direct light. So you can always be sure that your material is the true San Benedict Black®.

Better than the supplier's warranty, is the guarantee you can check and see with your own eyes!

Close Up

San Benedict Black® Half Slab

Because buying a whole plate for small projects is a thing of the past.
Comil Cotaxé® offers half slabs so that even the least complex projects can count on the greatness of San Benedict Black®.

Own Quarry

San Benedict Black®

San Benedict Black® is pioneering

Since San Benedict Black® is extracted exclusively from the Comil Cotaxé® own quarries, you are free to have whatever you need to bring the project of your dreams to life.

Comil Cotaxé® pioneered in 2018 by offering two small block sizes of San Benedict Black®: <2,00m x 1,00m and ≥ 2,00m x 1,00m and today continues to offer this important differential, creating trends in the market of ornamental stones.